Dave's Hot Tips:
Simple Renovations Will Sell Your Home

Many people fret over the trials of selling their home. We all long to see our real estate investment sell quickly and profitably, but all too often the reality of selling a home fall shorts of our expectations.

So why is it that some houses magically sell themselves while others continue to lounge around on the market? Well, the answer might be a bit more obvious than you think.

These days, when choosing that perfect homestead, most home buyers are steering clear of the proverbial fixer-upper. When they do buy a home, homeowners tend to move into a clean, fresh and functional house. The last thing they want to concern themselves with is renovating that outdated family room just after the last box is unpacked. The time and energy spent looking for a home has unfortunately become too stressful to be followed by several renovation projects.

With that information at hand, the home seller stands to benefit from some simple tidying and freshening of their home. And not only will it sell the house, but often times it will increase the real estate's market value, in turn paying for the fix-its employed to sell the house in the first place.

So what minor improvements should you consider if you're planning to nudge your home onto the real estate market?

Paint. Get rid of those dingy wall coverings, faded colors and stained walls. Wrapping the home in a clean envelope of paint will freshen your living spaces like no other improvement without a large price tag. Cosmetic improvements weigh in prominently in the appeal department, and there's no easier way to spruce things up than with a clean paint brush and several gallons of paint.

When taking cosmetic changes to the next level, it would be wise to consider updating that worn carpet or dull floor. A new carpet is a clean and vibrant one.

And what about the old wife's tale about the importance of updating the kitchen and bathrooms? There's truth behind those suggestions. Again, a clean bathroom is a welcome one, while a modernized kitchen can sell the entire house. A relaminated countertop with new appliances are small improvements that will help sell your house.

So remember that investing in visual improvements will most likely increase your real estate's value and most definitely shorten it's shelf life on the open market.

With that in mind, Schaffner Maintenance stands ready to tackle your home renovation needs not only for the house you plan to live in for the next 20 years, but also for the real estate that you wish to sell. Contact us with your questions and concerns about readying your house for the real estate market. We'd be glad to assess your needs and offer an economical yet proven solution to all of your renovation inquiries.