What We Do At Schaffner Maintenance

What We Do: Schaffner Maintenance is a full service residential and commercial handyman service. We can handle just about any repair need you may have around the home or office. There is no need to call a plumber, and then an electrician, and then a carpenter. At Schaffner Maintenance, we're able to handle numerous tasks, which saves you the hassle of coordinating numerous contractors.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning

No Job Is too Odd

We even do odd, strange little jobs for people because they don't know who else to call. Just call us. If we can't help you with your problem, we'll try to refer you to a qualified company that can help you.

Make a List

Before you call us, take a minute to make a list of all of the jobs that have been driving you crazy and that you can't wait to have done. Prioritize them, and we'll start at the top and work down. That way you can budget for what you need done, and we can respond accordingly.

Buying or Selling?

We do a lot of work for people buying or selling a home. We are proud to be the only handyman service that is a member of Coldwell Bankers Gold Club Concierge Service. Let us know what your home inspector recommends so we can help you out.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to call us first. Give Schaffner Maintenance an opportunity to handle of all of your needs.